Local entrepreneurs launch Kickstarter to re-open Paseo

Investment group Savvy Orders has launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hope of raising funds within the community to re-open Paseo. The group is hoping to raise $250,000 from the Kickstarter to add to their investment in the business.

“We don’t want to change a thing, except we plan on paying its (previous) employees a living wage, give them benefits and offer profit sharing. We want to keep this staple a part of Seattle life forever,” says Savvy’s Community Manager Greg Gang.

Check out the statement featured on their Kickstarter page below:

Ranked No. 2 on Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in America. Paseo was a Seattle staple near and dear to our hearts.

We won’t be changing the employees or recipes, but we will be changing the work environment, including providing benefits and fair wages to all employees.

When we found out Paseo was shutting down, we were stunned, sad, and angry. How could it be?

The $250,000 goal represents a small portion of the total cost to purchase and operate Paseo, we created the Kickstarter to give the community part ownership, and a stake in the operations of Paseo.

Paseo is more than a sandwich shop. It’s part of Seattle culture. Help us save this Seattle Institution. Be a part of Paseo forever!

The “Save Paseo” Kickstarter webpage goes into detail about how funds will be used and the experience of the investment group within the industry.

“We have worked pretty much every job from bussing to ownership, and everything in between. Fast forward to today, our entrepreneurial spirit in bringing technology to the restaurant industry has provided us a unique opportunity to save something that means a lot to us personally,” writes Gang.

Savvy Orders do acknowledge that $250,000 is a small part of the total cost that is needed for the re-opening. They have also reached out to the Paseo owners and have confirmed that all backers will be refunded if no sale is possible.

The Kickstarter campaign will run through December 12. As of this afternoon the Kickstarter had 13 backers, with $1,851 of the $250,000 goal already raised.

To find out more about the re-opening check out the Save Paseo Facebook Page. To contribute to the campaign click here.

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