Throwback Thursday: The “snowy” Ballard of yesteryear

With all of the cold weather and the snow fall we experienced here in Ballard over the weekend, we thought it was time to take a look at some photos of “snowy” Ballard back in the day.

The black and white photo below, taken in 1895, features the home of John Nowicki at 6756 22nd Avenue NW, taken under snow.


The black and white photo below, taken in 1900, features NW Market St under snow, looking West from City Hall.


The internegative of a torn black and white photo below, taken in 1916, shows Ballard Ave during the 1916 snow storm. Ballard City Hall and the bell tower can be seen in the background.


The internegative of a torn black and white photo below, also taken in 1916, shows the Junction Building and Ballard commercial area covered in snow from the snow storm of 1916.


The black and white postcard, also from 1916, shows another angle of Ballard Ave covered in snow. The caption reads “record snowfall of 38 inches in Seattle February 2 and 3. Photo of Ballard Ave facing NW.”


Photo and information courtesy of Ballard Historical Society.

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