Throwback Thursday: Ballard stores of yesteryear

It’s that time of year when locals hit the Ballard boutiques and stores to purchase those special holiday gifts so we thought it was time to take a look back at some of the stores in Ballard back in the day. The store options were slightly different back then.

The black and white photo below, taken in 1885, shows a street scene of the now popular shopping strip on Ballard Ave. Visible on right is the St. Charles Hotel and Standard Furniture Co. Two men are laying wooden forms onto the dirt street.


The black and white photo below, date taken is unknown, features Ballard Feed Co. Inc. which was located at 5133 Ballard Avenue NW.


Black and white photo below, taken in 1910, shows Oscar Hagblom standing in front of his shop, The 24th Ave. Barber Shop. The shop was located on the corner of 24th Ave NW and NW 59th St. The window text advertises a haircut for $0.25, and a shave $0.15.


The black and white photo below, date taken unknown, features the interior of Cascade Drug Co. at 24th Ave NW and NW Market St. The caption on the back of the photo reads “Bjarni Johannsson, Druggist 1916-1936.”


The sepia promotional postcard sent to Mrs. T.H Ryan on October 4, 1909, features the Ballard Band Box Millinery Company which was located at 5408 22nd Ave NW. The company describes itself as the “oldest and most up-to-date Millinery Store in Ballard.”


Photos and information courtesy of the Ballard Historical Society.

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