Suspicious person seen travelling door to door in Ballard

The My Ballard team have heard from a number of readers about another suspicious man who has been travelling door to door in the neighborhood. The man is reportedly talking to locals stating that he is looking for property that is for sale.

Krystal and her neighbors in North Ballard have reported seeing the “strange” man and her landlord has confirmed that the man is not connected to the property in any way.

“Not sure if the guy is going around the neighborhood seen which homes are alone to rob them but I figured I would share the information to keep it safe for everyone around the holidays. I saw him around 12:05 p.m. today parked at 64th St NW,” says Krystal.

The man is reportedly in his 50s, is 5 foot 8 and was seen wearing wash down blue jeans and a jean jacket. He has gray/white hair. The man has been seen driving a small “beat up gray Volkswagen truck and had a black dog with him at the time.

Have you seen this man near your home in Ballard? Email any information to

Remember to call 911 in case of emergency.

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