Ballard Greenways seeks community support

The Ballard Greenways team is encouraging locals to donate to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways before 2014 comes to a close. Check out their community statement below:


2014 has been a very exciting year for Ballard Greenways! We’ve enjoyed the NW 58th Ave Greenway for an entire year. We have seen an 805% increase in the number of people riding on 58th Ave NW compared to the year before it was built.

This past summer a group of Ballard Greenways members led Councilmember Mike O’Brien on a bike ride along the future 17th Ave NW which was critical for securing funding to plan and build the 17th Ave Greenway in 2015. Once built Ballard will be home to the first location in the city where two greenways intersect (17th and 58th), woot woot!

Our work has been a team effort between Ballard volunteers and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways staff. As you may know, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways works effortlessly to advocate for safe streets for people of all ages and abilities. They are a staff of two (Cathy Tuttle and Gordon Paddleford) who are working tirelessly to improve access to our elected officials and SDOT. Our successful work in Ballard would not be possible without them!

Please see the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways newsletter and consider giving to this amazing organization. With your donation we can continue to advocate for safe streets for everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Warm wishes,

Bob, Chris and Jennifer

To find out more about Seattle Greenways click here.

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