Sustainable Ballard launches reusable cup campaign


The folks at Sustainable Ballard have kicked off their own reusable cup campaign to curb excess waste in the neighborhood.

The group aims to educate locals about the problems associated with using paper on-the go coffee cups. Check out their message below:

Did you know that the paper cup used for your on-the-go coffee is probably not compostable? The thin plastic coating that keeps most cups from turning to mush makes them non-compostable.*

And your morning coffee’s paper cup is recyclable only if you have first rinsed it clean of all coffee and milk. But even if cups are composted or recycled, it still requires enormous amounts of energy and resources to manufacture and ship them.

We want to keep hundreds of thousands of paper cups out of the landfill and we hope you will participate with us in this effort. Sustainable Ballard now has a reusable coffee mug, available for a suggested donation of $20, with a bonus — discounts at local coffee shops!

The below Ballard stores will provide a discount when locals bring in the Sustainable Ballard reusable mug:

  • Jibe Espresso Bar (7001 Seaview Ave NW #170) – 25 cents off all drip coffees and Americanos, plus a free cookie.
  • Cupcake Royale – (2052 NW Market St) 10% off your coffee order through March, 2015.
  • Grumpy D’s (7001 15th Ave NW) – 20 cents off coffee and tea orders.

These stores will provide a discount when locals use any type of reusable mug:

  • Equal Exchange Espresso (Ballard Market – 1400 NW 56th St) – 25 cents off.
  • Toast Ballard (5615 24th Ave NW #102) – 20 cents off.
  • Ballard Coffee Works (2060 NW Market St) – 10 cents off.
  • Java Jahn (1428 NW Leary Way) – 25 cents off.
  • Grumpy D’s – 10 cents off.
  • Caffe Fiore (5405 Leary Ave NW) – 10 cents off.
  • Fresh Flours (5313 Ballard Ave NW) – 15 cents off.
  • Starbucks (2200 NW Market St) – 10 cents off.

To get your Sustainable Ballard reusable cup contact them at (206) 701-7000 or email

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