Suspicious man travelling door to door again in Ballard

My Ballard reader Paul emailed in to report that another suspicious man is travelling door to door in Ballard claiming that he works for The Seattle Times.

This is the first report of suspicious persons targeting our neighborhood in this way since December last year.

Paul and his family live on 23rd Ave NW (between NW 85th and NW 83rd streets) and were visited by the suspicious man on Saturday just before noon.

“It was an mid 30s African-American man wearing a blue and black windbreaker with a monogrammed Seattle Times logo on the left side,” says Paul.

The man, as other locals have reported in identical incidents, asked if the family was getting The Seattle Times and wanted to sign them up.

“It all seemed weird since he wasn’t carrying any identification or a clipboard. Then I remembered the post from back in December describing the exact same exchange and I decided to shout from the behind the door we don’t want it,” says Paul.

The man then, seemingly startled, left the porch quickly and proceeded to continue down 23rd Ave NW towards 83rd. Paul saw the man 20 minutes later continuing to proceed south on 23rd Ave NW.

“I called SPD’s non-emergency line and requested a patrol car,” says Paul.

This exact situation has been reported by readers to the My Ballard team over twenty times since 2013.

Have you recently had a similar interaction with a person matching this description in Ballard? Email us at Remember to call 911 immediately in case of emergency.

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  1. the seattle times is sold door to door and has been for years and years. would this complaint an paranoia have been made if the guy was white?

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