Me n’ Moms evicted from Ballard location

After more than three months of unexplained closure, Ballard consignment store Me n’ Moms (2821 NW Market St) is being evicted from its premises.

The eviction notice posted on the door (dated 2/13/15) has drawn the attention of locals who still have their goods inside the store.


My Ballard reader Briana continues to be concerned about the store credit that she holds with the store and also about items that she has recently consigned. “I am considerably upset by this turn of events,” she says.

Similarly, My Ballard reader Jolyn is feeling frustrated by the lack of communication from store owners. “I’m sure I’m not the only parent in Ballard who’d like her unsold stuff back and a check for what they owe me,” says Jolyn.

The My Ballard team once again contacted Cyndi Wilder from City of Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services who confirmed that Me n’ Moms has not renewed their 2015 business. “However, we haven’t received any closure notification from the business,” says Wilder.

Wilder then directed us to contact the SPD Public Affairs Unit to confirm the next steps for locals who still have consignment items inside the store.

Drew Fowler from the SPD confirmed that an investigation is currently underway to determine whether further proceedings in this matter will be civil or criminal. “As soon as that is determined we will notify the public as to the process they need to go through to reclaim their consignment items,” says Fowler.

The My Ballard team will continue to update readers as the investigation progresses.

Thanks to My Ballard reader Emma for emailing through the photo.

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