Throwback Thursday: The Golden Gardens of yesteryear

As the sunnier and warmer weather approaches we thought it was time to look back at some photographs taken at Golden Gardens back in the day. Enjoy!

The photo below, taken in 1900, shows 11 women wading into the (freezing) water at Golden Gardens. Notice their bathing suits of sailor-collared tops and long skirts.


The photo below was taken in 1910 at Golden Gardens. Harry Whitney Treat is inside the horse drawn carriage and the streetcar can be seen in the background.


The photo below, taken in 1920, shows Maude Reid Adams at the end of the Loyal Heights car line at the top of the hill that leads to Golden Gardens.


The photo below, taken in 1923, features two boys playing on the sand at Golden Gardens. The boy on the left is James D. McGinley, and the boy on the right is unknown.


The photo below, taken in 1929, shows a busy day on North Beach at Golden Gardens.

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If you have any old photos taken in or around Ballard that you would like to share from any era please email them to

Photos and information courtesy of Ballard Historical Society and MOHAI.

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