Local artist pays tribute to The Viking


Seattle artist Andrew Miller has painted a tribute to a Ballard icon, The Viking Tavern.

The Ballard institution closed back in April 2013 to make way for apartment complex “Ballard Lofts” after 50 years of serving the neighborhood.

Many locals and regulars were outraged about the closure. “The Viking is a place that matters. An epic part of Ballard is being flushed down the toilet,” said regular Hector the night before the closure in 2013.

Through painting this work, Miller wanted to pay tribute to the icon that meant so much to so many Ballardites.

“This is one of many Ballard-esque works I have completed over the last year or so. I thought locals might enjoy this one in particular,” says Miller.

Miller spent 12 years counselling and directing programs with the Ballard Community Center and currently works out of his Greenwood studio.

Click here to check out more of his work.

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