Edith Macefield’s home returns to the bank

As the My Ballard team reported earlier today, Edith Macefield’s famous home has returned to the bank after attracting no buyer attention during the auction at the King County Administration Building.

A number of potential bidders attended the auction hoping to snag the Ballard icon at a steal, however, they were disappointed.

According to a Seattle PI report, five interested bidders were in attendance at the auction including one local who wanted to turn the house into a pot shop called “Sky High.”

Seattle PI confirms that any potential purchaser would have had to also assume the first deed of trust on the property, which would increase the price by $300,000 on top of the initial bid of $216,270.70.

“In the current condition and the circumstances, it’s not worth it,” Adam Mickelson, a partner with Capture Realty, who decided not to bid on the property told King 5 News.

According to Seattle PI, another potential bidder Adam Mickelson said that he would have potentially sold the property to Ballard Blocks developers. However, “it just doesn’t make sense as an investment,” he told Seattle PI.

In addition to the bidders, a number of locals were present holding balloons to commemorate the importance of the “old Ballard” spirit that Edith Macefield represented.

“For me it was that great Ballard spirit,” Macefield supporter Michael Stephens told KUOW. “My friends and I think she is such a badass.”

According to Seattle PI, the house is now likely to go on the open market, and if it is sold to Ballard Blocks, be absorbed into the development.

Local organization, EAT Ballard, is spearheading a community fundraising campaign to buy the property and preserve it.

“In order for the community to buy the house and give preservation a second shot, it will need to organize. Otherwise, Ballard Blocks will most likely buy the property and develop it,” write organizers on the Edith Macefield Facebook page.

All are welcome to a community meeting to discuss the options on Monday, March 16, at Percy’s (5233 Ballard Ave NW) from 7 p.m.

Click here to check out the Facebook page for more details about the meeting.

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