Local creates “Green Juju” to support canine health


Local resident Kelley Marian has created a whole foods supplement, aptly called “Green Juju“, to support canine health.

The supplement is fed to dogs in addition to their kibble, raw or home cooked meal and is created in the heart of Ballard at 4511 Shilshole Ave NW.

The idea for Green Juju was born from Marian’s own experience feeding whole foods to her dog Bailey when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Marian wanted to treat Bailey holistically after getting a biopsy of the tumor rather than immediately subjecting her to a difficult amputation surgery.

“Given the condition Bailey was in at that time – struggling with allergies, weak immune system, difficulty recovering from the biopsy – I couldn’t see putting her through a major surgery,” says Marian.

Through diet changes, supplements and Green Juju Bailey’s cancer did not spread for more than a year and she became strong enough to have the needed surgery and recover successfully from it.

Marian used this experience as a starting point and then collaborated with certified canine nutritionist Patti Howard and Seattle based conventional and holistic veterinarians to develop the final formula for Green Juju’s “just greens blend”.

In addition to the “just greens blend”, Marian crafts seasonal recipes throughout the year and specially formulated blends for clients with specific dietary restrictions.

Each ingredient in every Green Juju recipe is chosen to support canine health and includes ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, leafy greens, buffalo bone broth, coconut oil and more. Everthing is blended to a fine consistency and then frozen to keep the nutrients intact.

Green Juju is available for purchase in our area at All the Best Pet Care (1909 NW Market St).

Click here to find out more about this locally crafted product.

Photo courtesy of Green Juju website.

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