SPD busts band of Ballard criminals

Update April 2:

SPD Detectives are still working the case and have recovered eight more guitars at another location connected with the investigation. The My Ballard team will update the story when more information is released.

Original Post:

Detectives from the Major Crimes unit have busted a group of thieves who have amassed a large collection of guitars, drums and other stolen goods at their Ballard home.

Check out more details from the SPD blotter post below:

Police began investigating the crew of thieves last week after a break-in at a storage facility last week in the Denny Triangle. The suspects broke into several storage lockers over several days, and made off with electronics, TVs, beds, tables and other items worth as much as $100,000.

Detectives soon found several of the stolen items posted for sale online, and tracked the seller to a house in the 6700 block of 8th Ave NW in Ballard.

Detectives and North Precinct officers served a warrant at the home on March 27, and found piles of stolen computers, power tools, bicycles, recording equipment, stolen prescriptions, and a stamp collection strewn throughout the house.

Police also found two stolen Subarus parked near the home, packed with pilfered guitars and TVs. In total, police found 10 guitars, pedals, amps, and two drum sets during their search (pictured below).


Officers arrested a 34-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man at the home, and are still searching for several other suspects.

Detectives have already identified the owners of all the stolen items and are working to return their property.

Photo courtesy of SPD.

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