Throwback Thursday: Passing through the Locks

As the final pontoons of the 520 Bridge pass through the Ballard Locks today, we thought it was time to take a look back at vessels (and other things) that have dropped in over the years.

The photo below, taken in 1917, shows the Ballard Locks being observed by locals while under construction.


The photo below, taken in 1918, shows master shipfitter David Rodgers’ yacht “Carrie” passing through the locks with a party aboard.


The below photo, taken in 1955, shows a man being rescued after falling into the Ballard Locks.


The below photo, also taken in 1955, shows an aerial view of boats in the Locks.


The below photo, taken in 1985, shows a kayaker paddling through the Locks.


The photo below, from 2014, shows a seal being lifted out after it became stuck while the Large Lock was being drained for maintenance purposes.


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Photos and information courtesy of MOHAI.

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