Google expansion to Ballard possibly in the works

According to a Puget Sound Business Journal report, there is a possibility that Google will expand into Ballard. The PSBJ got word from a managing director at Seattle’s largest investment bank who confirmed the potential for expansion into our neighborhood.

In an opinion piece featured in the PSBJ last week, Cascadia Capital investment banker Jamie Boyd revealed the information. “Zulily is moving to Belltown, and Google may expand into Ballard,” Boyd wrote.

The PSBJ confirms that Boyd based the information for his piece on conversations that he had with those in the Seattle commercial real estate industry.

The PSBJ also confirmed that Google officials and their Seattle real estate broker chose not to make a comment about Boyd’s assertions early this week.

In terms of Google’s presence in the Puget Sound area, the company currently has offices in both Kirkland and Fremont. The Fremont location covers 152,000 square feet of space.

“They are trying to gobble up any space they can get in Fremont, so it wouldn’t surprise me they’re looking in Ballard,” Michael Osterfeld, owner of Fremont Dock Co., told the PSBJ. The Fremont Dock Co. owns the land that is currently occupied by the Google office buildings.

Seattle commercial real estate broker Dan Dahl agrees with Osterfeld. “Fremont only is so big. At some point, one of the big companies is going to have to step aside,” Dahl told the PSBJ.

The report also confirms that Dahl, who represents the Ballard office development planned near the ship canal on Shilshole Ave NW, did approach Google about the project.

The My Ballard team will update readers with any developments if and when any official announcements are made about a Google expansion into our neighborhood.

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