28th Ave NW shoreline restoration project gets finishing touches

The restoration project where 28th Ave NW meets Salmon Bay was completed last weekend, turning the area into a public access point with a focus on local ecology preservation. The area was transformed from a dead end into a community park providing access to the water with seating and a kayak or paddleboard launching area.

Photo courtesy Groundswell NW


The four-month project was part of the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Shoreline Street Ends Program, and included boulder, log, lumber and gravel donations from Sea & Shore Construction, who also helped provide labor for moving everything into place. Mark Garff and Marina French from The Watershed Company provided design expertise.

Before and after photos courtesy of SDOT and Groundswell NW

The finishing touches were applied by Groundswell NW, who gathered with community members to mulch and put in native plants last weekend. The trees, shrubs and layers of mulch will help to filter the runoff from the street above the park, and beyond the planting beds, a layer of gravel in the water will help salmon spawn in the area. “Together these elements not only create vital new habitat for fish and other sea life, but they also help to keep the water clean for human swimmers too!,” writes SDOT on their website.




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