Lost dog “Junie” found by neighborhood newcomers

UPDATE: The owners have been located.

Olya Volpe and her family found a lost black dog, “a sweet lil thing with a tag” on her, and need help getting “Juniata” home.

“It took us a bit of time to make her feel comfortable [enough to] come around so we could see the name/number,” she writes. “I then called both numbers listed, which went straight to voicemail.” Volpe believes the owners are out of town, being that she cannot contact them.

Volpe is new to the neighborhood, having just moved from Chicago about a week ago. She says they found the dog, who responds to “Junie,” by their house by 8th and 65th. “We don’t have the means to keep her, and I don’t feel comfortable with animal control,” she says, torn.

Contact Ms. Volpe at olya_2000@yahoo.com with any tips!

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