Swedish Psychiatric Unit and Nordic Heritage Museum receive funding

Nordic Heritage Museum to receive $2,000,000

Several Seattle neighborhoods will receive funding for community improvements.

The funding is part of an approved capital budget package of $3.9 billion; $1.6 billion of which will be invested in education construction projects such as K-3 classrooms, STEM classrooms, skill centers, and higher education institutions.

$25 million has already been allocated for classroom construction in Seattle schools, but another chunk of change will go to the following list of approved 36th Legislative District (Ballard, Queen Anne, Crown Hill, Greenwood, Sunset Hill & Interbay) capital projects:

  • Swedish Ballard Psychiatric Unit – $3,000,000
  • Pike Place Market Front Porch – $1,300,000
  • KEXP’s New Seattle Home – $1, 866,000
  • Cornish Playhouse – $232,000
  • Mercer Arena Energy Savings and Sustainability Funding – $450,000
  • Nordic Heritage Museum – $2,000,000
  • Rehabilitation of Historic Structure at Phinney Neighborhood Center – $750,000
  • Yamasaki Courtyard Restoration Project at Pacific Science Center – $129,000

Washington’s mental health infrastructure will also receive $100 million to improve patient care and mental illness treatments. Another $100 million will go to housing projects such as construction of affordable housing and improvements in weatherization and community energy.

“There are many people in our district who have worked for years to make these community projects a reality,” said Rep. Gael Tarleton (D-Ballard). “I am thrilled that all their dedicated efforts will create more opportunities to enjoy the arts, culture, and civic life for years to come.”

The state’s new $3.9 billion construction budget is expected to create up to 44,000 jobs building schools, universities, mental health facilities and parks across Washington state.

Additional information can be found here: http://fiscal.wa.gov/CapitalMaps.aspx


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