Used bike drive for West African students this weekend

Bicycles for Education holds a used bike drive this Saturday, August 1st at Interbay. The empowerment program, organized by Washington-based company Alaffia, distributes Washington and Oregon residents’ unwanted bicycles to rural students in Togo.

Parallel to selling fair-trade cosmetic products, Alaffia has been in collecting bikes since 2006. Thus far, over 6,300 bicycles have been distributed to students in sixty different villages, who previously were void of transportation methods to and from school.

Surveys taken in Togo areas affected by the program report a significant improvement on exam scores and progress in rural schools. Bicycles for Education also reports reduced teen-pregnancy rates in rural villages influenced by the program.

All locals who want to donate a used bike or bike parts can do so between 10 a.m.– 2 p.m. at the Interbay Whole Foods (2001 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119).

To learn more about the Bicycles for Education project, click here.

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Great event for students!


Sounds great! It would be great if they hold more such events for students. After all, such activities and sports can contribute to the acquisition of knowledge. For me, the learning process is not always easy and I’m glad for any help in this. But I can always get more info on anything related to writing and it helps me a lot.