Daytime burglaries in Ballard worry residents

We’ve been hearing of several daytime burglaries lately on the My Ballard Forum, with bold thieves entering homes and offices in our neighborhood. Paul Forgey told us about a burglary a few days ago at his home, saying he was burglarized when he stepped out for a few hours in the afternoon to run some errands. He said he has an alarm system, which he believes spooked the robber, but his laptop was taken in the invasion.

Forgey, who lives on NW 80th St just west of Larson’s, said the police officer told him the burglar likely knocked on all the doors before popping a screen and entering through a secluded unlocked window. “Be careful!” he writes. “I’ve been reading of other daytime burglaries around this neighborhood with some concern before today.”

My Ballard Forum participant Catherine chimed in to thank Forgey for his post, adding that her home was burglarized two nights in a row this time of year, another reminder to check windows and doors before leaving the house.

Another reader, PlantLover, wrote that their office was burgled last week. “They got away with my computer and some personal things that I will miss, but I did not have an emotional reaction except annoyance.”

If you have concerns about suspicious characters near your home, call the Seattle Police Department’s non-emergency line at 206-625-5011.

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