Suzuki Institute music school moving to Ballard

The Suzuki Institute of Seattle is moving from Greenwood to Ballard as of September 1st, where they’ll be offering private and group music classes for all ages. They’ll be teaching violin, cello and piano classes from the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 5710 22nd Ave NW.

The institute follows the Suzuki method, which was developed over 50 years ago by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki of Matsumoto, Japan. Known as the “mother tongue method,” Suzuki helps students learn music by ear, and cultivates a social environment through group classes and ensemble practices.

The method promotes the idea that every child has an innate musical talent, and that learning to play an instrument can and should be taught at a very early age. The learning process involves not only the instructor but also the child’s parents, as the Suzuki method encourages the triangular teacher/parent/child engagement to provide the best teaching environment.

“The skills which are developed while learning an instrument – concentration, coordination, memory, long attention span, respect for other people, taking turns, working together in a group – are all skills that are valuable for any person,” the institute writes on their website. “Dr. Suzuki emphasized that his ultimate goal was to develop the natural musical ability of a child for his or her own happiness.”

In addition to their violin, cello and piano classes, the institute also has an introductory music class called Explore Suzuki Music for 3-5 year-olds. They’ll soon offer bass classes as well.



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