Seattle teachers plan to strike if union and district can’t agree on a contract

Seattle teachers unanimously agreed to go on strike if the school district and union can’t come to a contract agreement. School is supposed to start next Wednesday, but teachers will strike that day if there’s no contract.

The Seattle Education Association (SEA) voted to authorize the strike at a meeting last night after the current contract between Seattle Public Schools and SEA expired on Tuesday. According to a statement from Seattle Schools, they say the district is, “optimistic an agreement can be reached, and those students can start their school year.” A mediator is meeting both sides today to help with negotiations so school can start on time.

SEA Vice President and special education teacher Phyllis Campano said in a statement that the Seattle School Board, “has rejected most of our proposals around competitive pay, reasonable testing, guaranteed recess, student equity and workloads.”

Negotiations began in May between SEA and the district, and Seattle Schools says they’re confident they’ll reach an agreement in time for school to start. “Our goal is a contract which honors, respects and pays our educators and provides more instructional time for all students, including those children who desperately need more time with outstanding teachers in order to succeed,” said Superintendent Larry Nyland in a statement.


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I think that teachers can also defend their rights.


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