Theatre event aims to open dialogue about Nicklesville encampment

Playback Theatre will be bringing their unique style of improvisational performance to Ballard in the hopes of opening up dialogue between Nicklesville residents and members of the Ballard community.

The topic this Saturday’s improvisational theatre event will be homelessness and will provide an opportunity for all people (homeless or not) to share personal stories that speak to their experiences, thoughts and feelings.

“The intention is to facilitate understanding and connection,” says co-producer Ira Woodward.

The idea for the event evolved within the Nicklesville community before the initial announcement of the Ballard encampment. Local artist, David Sokal, had been working with Nickelsville residents to find a way to assist them in telling their personal stories and the idea of expressing themselves through improvisational theatre was well received.

Once the Ballard move was confirmed, Nicklesville resident Collin McCredie got behind the performance event idea with the notion that theater could provide a forum for open dialogue between Nickelsville and Ballard residents.

The event will provide the two communities, of Nicklesville and Ballard, with an opportunity to come together, connect and share. The performance will start with a brief icebreaker and continue with improvisational pieces drawn from audience members’ personal stories.

“The director will select a volunteer to tell his or her story, and then the troupe will act out that story accompanied by music. The improvisations may include dialog, humor, dance-like motion and interaction,” says Woodward.

The improvisations will be followed by short discussions where both audience and actor will participate. Within the hour and a half timeframe, about 5 – 7 stories will be shared.

The event will be held this Saturday, October 24, from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. at Ballard Eagleson VFW Post 3063 (2812 Market Street). Cost is $10 donation at the door per person.

For more information contact event organizers David Sokal at or (206) 322-8748 or Ira Woodward at or (206) 243-1333.

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