Teal Pumpkin Project to promote inclusivity on Halloween


Readers may have heard of FARE’s Teal Pumpkin Project™, which was launched last year in an effort to raise awareness of food allergies on Halloween.

The project aims to eliminate the issues faced by local kids who have food allergies when they are trick-or-treating. With allergies becoming increasingly common, Halloween can be a tough holiday for many local youngsters.

This year, over 100,000 households around the country have pledged to participate and promote inclusivity for youngsters with food allergies by offering non-food alternatives.

In order to participate on Halloween simply follow these steps:

  • Provide non-food treats as an option for trick-or-treaters.
  • Paint a pumpkin teal to place in front of your home or post a free printable sign from FARE, to indicate you have non-food treats available.
  • Register your address online to show local families that your home is offering alternatives to food for kids with allergies.

Thanks to My Ballard reader Kelly who emailed in to share the information with the community before Saturday’s festivities.

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