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The local organization, Sustainable Ballard is currently fundraising on indegigo to build a Tool Library for Ballard. A tool library is “just like a normal library, a tool library is a sustainable public service that provides community access to tools and an exchange of knowledge, at little to no cost.” says the Ballard Tool Library Project. 

Local Ballardites will be able to use the resource to borrow tools for DIY projects at home, such as woodworking, art projects, gardening, construction, power tools, knitting needles and many other loosely labeled tools. “The BTL will promote a sharing economy, mutual reliance, and environmental stewardship in Ballard.” says Anna Fidgeon.

The organization has thus far reached 30% of their goal. Visit their indegigo website to read more about the project, donate and help them reach their goal of $5,000.

Photo courtsey of Sustainable Ballard website

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