Essay contest now open to win free apartment for one year

Locals now have the opportunity to enter a competition to win free use of a one bedroom apartment for one year.

“Rents have increased quickly in Seattle and it has created a strain on many budgets. We can’t ease everyone’s housing budget, but hopefully someone’s situation could be drastically improved,” writes the anonymous building owner who will donate their unit to the winner.

In order to enter, applicants must submit an essay (under 350 words) in answer to the question, “if you did not have to pay rent for a year, what would it allow you to do?”

Applicants may also want to explore some of the topics mentioned below:

Housing is intensely personal and consumes a large percentage of income. What if that constraint didn’t exist for a year–what else could be done with those resources? Would you save the money, pay off debt, go to school? Would you quit a part time job and focus on something else–how would you change how you spend your time?

The winner will receive free use of a one bedroom apartment for one year located in either Ballard or Queen Anne. “It has wood floors and a laundry in the building. It won’t be in a shiny new tower, but it will be a clean, comfortable place to live,” says the owner.

The essays will be reviewed by a selection committee and the winner will be notified via email. Applicants must be legal US Residents and at least 18 years of age. Utilities will be paid by the resident.

Click here to submit your essay before the closing date of March 31.

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