Cheese Wizards to end cheese drought in Ballard


The Ballard-based Saxbe brothers contacted the My Ballard team to confirm that they are opening their well-known food truck, the Cheeze Wizards, in the ‘hood this Saturday.

The brothers are very excited to be opening the truck right next to the Ballard Bell tower (Corner of Ballard Ave NW and 22nd Ave NW) from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. this Saturday, January 16.

“We love being in Ballard (we live here), and we source the incredible bread we use from Tallgrass bakery (one of the secrets to our success), but we have been getting flack from our neighbors for rarely serving close by,” says Bo Saxbe, co-owner of Cheese Wizards.

The Cheese Wizards team will be offering their full menu, and giving out free samples of their Strider mulled Cider (while supplies last) in honor of David Bowie; the namesake of their best selling Goblin King sandwich, and the recently departed Alan Rickman; aka Severus Snape.

Bo has confirmed that the Saxbe brothers are proudly Slytherin affiliated. “Poison will be absent from all dishes, we promise,” says Bo.

The brothers recently went through the SDOT permitting process which took just under a year, and have paired up with Sonic Boom for Health Department mandated facilities access while serving.

The Cheese Wizards will serve up the delicious goods that have earned them the honor of being the highest rated food truck by customer rating on Yelp for over 3 years. Check out their menu online.

“Weather may be uncooperative, but our yummy hot sammies and soup do combat the Seattle January gloom,” says Bo.

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