Package thieves return to Ballard

We received an email from My Ballard reader Katherine to report that package thieves are back in the neighborhood near her home at 14th Ave NW and NW 60th St.

Check out Katherine’s full report below:

Having seen this article, I am writing in about my and my neighbors’ recent package thefts. Five days ago, someone swiped a package my girlfriend ordered. They left a less valuable package alone.

Four days ago, I found a neighbor’s package that someone slashed open and tossed around the side of my and my girlfriend’s house. There was a book in the package, with an item missing.

Today, the same neighbor reported another package stolen.

Keeping this report of package theft in mind, remember when ordering online attempt to send the packages to your work location or to somewhere where people will be present to receive the package.

Alternatively, if you are ordering from Amazon they offer a secure Amazon Locker service where packages can be picked up from lockers at various locations around Seattle including at the Ballard 7 Eleven (1550 NW Market St) and outside Five Guys (1500 NW Market St). The service has no extra charge and provides additional security for your packages.

Have you experienced recent package theft? Email us at

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