Man attacks customers with glass shard in Market St restaurant

A man believed to be high on methamphetamine and PCP smashed the window of a Market Street restaurant on Saturday and attacked customers with a shard of glass before being wrestled to the ground by diners and passersby.

Read more from the SPD Blotter post below:

SPD’s 911 center began receiving calls at around 12:08 p.m. on Saturday that a man was yelling and shouting at customers inside a restaurant the 2300 block of NW Market Street.

Witnesses watched him kick out a massive window pane next to the front door of a Market street restaurant, causing it to shatter. The suspect picked up a glass shard, walked through the now open window into the dining room, and began menacing customers.

Frightened patrons ran out of the establishment. The suspect followed and ultimately confronted a man and a woman who had been at a nearby consignment shop.

The suspect attacked them with the shard, injuring both of them. The victims fought back and disarmed him, smashing his glass weapon, rendering it safe.

Numerous passersby seized this opportunity to wrestle the newly disarmed suspect to the ground, where they pinned him until police arrived.

Officers arrested the suspect and called for medics to treat the consignment shoppers superficial cut wounds.

Ambulance staff transported the suspect to a local hospital, where he will remain under guard until discharged.

Once released from medical care, officers will book the 22 year old man into King County Jail for felony assault and malicious mischief charges.

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