Ballard mother launches new comfort aid for babies


Ballard mother Alana Healy has launched a new comfort aid for babies just in time for Mother’s Day.

Healy first came up with The Yarm, a handmade, water proof, supportive baby blanket, back in 2011.

“I created The Yarm when my daughter was born five years ago and now I want to share the product and its benefits with other local mothers and their families,” says Healy.

The Yarm is designed to soothe babies and replicate the safe sensation of being held in someone’s arms. The product has built in pockets which allow for removable inserts filled with rice and lavender to be cooled or heated providing temperature elements and stable weighted ends. The Yarm is hand made right here in Ballard by Healy and her team.

“The weighted ends of the Yarm provide a flattened blanket for babies to rest and the built in aromatherapy provides a soothing atmosphere. The Yarm is also very portable and a great addition for traveling families,” says Healy.

The Yarm recently caught the attention of students at UW’s Foster School of Business who have since received grants from the University of Washington to launch a start-up for the product and run a company.

All funds received from the sale of the Yarm between now and June go back in to the University’s program helping local entrepreneurs gain hands on experience in the creation of a business.

The Yarm will be on sale (stock limited) this Saturday, May 7, at the Baby Bump Expo at the Washington State Convention Center.

Click here to learn more about the local product and place an order.

Photo courtesy of The Yarm.

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