San Fermo to bring Italian fare to Ballard Ave

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Back in April last year, the My Ballard team reported on a restoration then in progress that was set to transform the Pioneer Houses on Ballard Ave into an Italian restaurant.

We are happy to report that the restoration and preparations are complete and San Fermo (5347 Ballard Ave NW) will open next Monday, May 16, at 11:30 a.m.

According to a report on the NOSH Pit blog, San Fermo will be blending regional Italian dishes with the cheese-laden, red sauce fare that has become popular in the US.

Tim Baker, Jeff Ofelt and Wade Weigel from Percy’s and Co. down the street are behind the new venture and Chef Sam West, also from Percy’s, is also part of the team.

Although the crew is keeping a tight lid on the interior before the opening, according to NOSH Pit, the Pioneer Houses have been turned into a two story, 50-seat restaurant. The restaurant reportedly features a spiral staircase, open kitchen, banquette seating, wide plank floors, and a bar area in the back.

San Fermo will be open seven days a week for dinner and will also run a weekly lunch counter on weekdays.

Check out San Fermo’s Facebook page to learn more about the new eatery.

Photo courtesy of San Fermo.

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