Old Ballard Liquor Co. to open Scandinavian Aquavit cafe

The folks at Old Ballard Liquor Co. are planning to open a Scandinavian Aquavit Café and are looking for local support.

After running the Nordic cuisine pop-up Tumble Swede, Old Ballard Liquor Co. owner Lexi wanted to create a permanent Scandinavian cuisine fixture on the Ballard food scene.

“Seattle lacks Scandinavian restaurants, which is crazy considering how many Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians live here,” reads a Facebook post from Old Ballard Liquor Company.

Lexi is planning to open the Old Ballard Scandinavian Aquavit Café and has created a Go Fund Me Page to raise the necessary $14,500 to open the business.

According to Seattle Eater, the café was originally supposed to open today, on Syttende Mai, however “a plumbing snafu may have delayed things”.


In terms of the food that will be on offer, “the menu will focus on lesser-known traditional Scandinavian meals alongside contemporary Nordic dishes (meaning no meatballs or lefse), both with a focus on Aquavit pairings and quality, fresh, local produce,” the Go Fund Me Page explains. A sample menu can be found above.

Click here to donate and to learn more about this new local eatery.

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