Swedish name chosen for 14th Ave park

As the My Ballard team reported back in February, Seattle Parks asked locals to help come up with a name for the new park to be built on 14th Ave NW that has been in the works since 2009.

In a press release Seattle Parks confirmed that the chosen name is Gemenskap Park (pronounced Yuh-MEN-skawp), which is the Swedish word for community.

The creation of the park is set to convert two full blocks on 14th Ave NW (between NW 59th and NW 61st streets) and will replace the gravel parking median and portions of the existing concrete roadway.

Because this was a community initiated project and because of the area’s Swedish history and influence, the Park Naming Committee believes this unique park will help build community by turning parking into park space.

While there are several Ballard parks that have Norwegian names, this is the first with a Swedish name, Seattle Parks writes in their press release.

Learn more about Gemenskap Park here.

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