Zoo opens new Butterfly exhibit


The Woodland Park Zoo team is excited to announce the opening of the new Molbak’s Butterfly Garden exhibit.

Inside the new exhibit, Zoo goers have the chance to take a walk through the Pacific Northwest’s gardens and engage with native North American butterflies in the immersive Butterfly Garden.

The exhibit is an arching tent structure that encloses a landscape of approximately 3,000 square feet. Inside the exhibit features nearly 500 free-flying butterflies representing at least 15 species native to North America.

Attendees can learn about the biology, behavior and threats facing these winged beauties, and be inspired to take local and global conservation action for butterflies and other pollinators during an immersive journey through the varying habitats where these North American species are found.

Molbak’s Butterfly Garden is located inside the zoo next to Zoomazium and will be open from 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.through Sunday, October 2.

Photo courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo.

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