Burke Gilman set for temporary detour in Fremont

Cyclists, runners and walkers on the Burke-Gilman Trail in the Fremont area will start using a short detour starting August 22 through mid-fall.

The trail reroute will be in place by 9 a.m. on Monday, August 22, to allow contractor crews working for WSDOT to use a 200-foot section of the trail while repainting portions of the State Route 99 Aurora Avenue Bridge.

The detour will be put in place as a section of the trail will be used by Hercules Painting to stage more than a dozen pieces of large equipment necessary for repainting the 85-year-old Aurora Avenue bridge. The area immediately west of the Lake Washington Rowing Club is the only suitable location for the equipment.

Cyclists and pedestrians will follow a detour onto North Northlake Way in front of the Lake Washington Rowing Club. A marked detour across the west end of a U-Park parking lot will connect trail users between the existing path and North Northlake Way.

Check out the map of the detour route below:


Cyclists and pedestrians are encouraged to stay on the marked detour and use caution while crossing the parking lot, which will remain open to drivers. In addition, rowers will be nearby moving long boats in and out of the rowing club’s boat storage area.

“Finding a detour through this area that works for trail users and minimizes the effects on cyclists has been very challenging,” said WSDOT Project Engineer Dave Lindberg. “This detour keeps trail users close to the existing trail and minimizes their exposure to more heavily traveled streets.”

WSDOT reports that the detour route was developed through close collaboration with the city of Seattle and the Cascade Bicycle Club. WSDOT also consulted local businesses and property owners.

The original detour route via N 34th St was shelved in early July after the Cascade Bicycle Club expressed concerns about heavy traffic and construction on the street.

“We want to thank WSDOT for partnering with us and their persistence in developing a detour that works for bike riders and trail users of all ages and abilities,” said Cascade Bicycle Club Executive Director Elizabeth Kiker.

The detour is scheduled to be in place through Oct. 31.

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