Tiny Trees outdoor preschool to open at Carkeek Park

Seattle Parks and Recreation is providing space for Tiny Trees Preschool to operate 11 affordable, nature-rich outdoor preschool classes, on a pilot basis at four Seattle Parks.

Carkeek Park will host Tiny Trees, where local families who make less than $72,000 a year will receive free tuition through the Seattle Preschool Program Pathways.

“We’re committed to creating a school where every child is welcome,” says Andrew Jay, CEO of Tiny Trees Preschool.

Tiny Trees Preschool keeps costs low by eliminating the cost of building, renovating and maintaining a child care facility. Instead of spending a huge amount on bricks and mortar the school spends it on hiring and supporting great teachers. The result is a preschool that costs 80% less to start and tuition prices that are 10 or 40% below market rate.

Beginning on September 12, in addition to the Carkeek Park location, Tiny Trees will operate schools at Camp Long in West Seattle, John C. Little Park in the Rainier Valley and Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill.

“This unique outdoor preschool program helps children to learn and develop while experiencing the wonder of the natural world,” says Seattle Parks and Recreation Superintendent Jesús Aguirre.

To ensure that families are prepared for a Seattle winter, Tiny Trees provides every child a free one-piece rain suit and boots from the Vancouver, WA, based company Oakiwear.

Children also use picnic shelters in heavy rain and there is an emergency shelter designated at each site in case of severe weather or emergency. Tiny Trees follows the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) calendar and is closed on SPS snow days.

Click here to learn more about Tiny Trees Outdoor Preschool.

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