Ballard Reuse to remove mural, searching for involved locals to take panels

The folks from Ballard Reuse emailed in to report that they will be removing the mural affixed to their store at 1440 NW 52nd St this week.

The mural was originally painted by students at Summit K-12 with help from The RE Store, members of the community and some artists. It was originally supposed to have been removed at the end of The RE Store’s lease. However, when Ballard Reuse took over in 2014, the Ballard Reuse team negotiated to keep the mural and accepted responsibility for it’s removal.

“We understand that some members of the community have a deep attachment to the mural. Therefore, we will give the panels to anyone who can demonstrate their part in making the mural and/or a suitable plan for it’s next life,” says Pat from Ballard Reuse.

The mural is set to come down this Wednesday, September 14. Those who have interest in the panels contact Pat as soon as possible at or call Ballard Reuse at (206) 297-9119.

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