Powerful windstorms headed our way

Meteorologist Cliff Mass says it “has the potential to be one of the strongest windstorms we have seen in a few years.” The National Weather Service says the “models beginning to have stronger agreement on worst-case scenario for Saturday storm.”

They’re talking about a windstorm that could bring gusts in Seattle of 50 MPH or more beginning Saturday evening, toppling trees and sparking power outages. There’s smaller storm that’s arriving ahead of it today — soaking the ground around all those trees — but the main event is shaping up to be Saturday.

“There is still uncertainty in the forecast,” Mass writes. “If our track if off by 100 miles, the forecast is radically changed at nearly all locations.” So we’ll stay tuned.

In the meantime, the city is starting to cancel events that could be impacted by the weather. For example, The Crown Hill/Whittier Heights “Find It Fix It” walk originally scheduled for Saturday has been postponed.

So clean out those storm drains, but if you’re looking to buy a power generator, good luck — they’re selling out quickly.

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