Sustainable Ballard to host Meaningful Movies event this Sunday

The latest offering in Sustainable Ballard’s Meaningful Movies series is set for this Sunday, November 20, from 5 p.m. at Royal Drummer Cafe (6420 24th Ave NW).

The film No Impact Man explores the question of what it can take to really live eco-effectively.

The film explores the story of Colin Beavan who swore off plastic and toxins, turned off his electricity, went organic, became a bicycle nut, and tried to save the planet from environmental catastrophe while dragging his young daughter and his Prada-wearing wife along for the ride.

Together the family attempted to make zero impact on the environment while living right in the heart of Manhattan, and this is the sensational, funny, and consciousness-raising story of how they did it.

With No Impact Man, Beavan found that no-impact living is worthwhile –- and richer, fuller, and more satisfying in the bargain.

Click here to watch the trailer.

A suggested donation of $5 is gratefully accepted to help offset event costs.

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