City launches “Your Voice, Your Choice” to hear local funding feedback for streets and parks

Your Voice, Your Choice is a process by which Seattle residents decide how to spend a portion of the City’s budget. This year’s initiative will focus on Parks and Streets.

This means that locals will help to decide how to spend $2,000,000 of the City budget on small-scale improvements to streets and parks in local neighborhoods.

Small-scale improvements can include:

  • Any physical project up to $90,000
  • Street projects might include traffic calming (traffic circles, median islands, speed feedback signs, etc.) or short segments of sidewalk construction (less than 100 feet, or one third of a block)
  • Parks projects might include accessibility improvements, trail/path maintenance and upgrades, park benches or tables, natural area renovations, minor playground improvements

The four key steps to this participatory budgeting process will include:

  1. Idea Collection (February 2017)
  2. Project Development (March – April 2017)
  3. Voting (June 2017)
  4. Fund & Implement (2018)

Do you have a fantastic idea for a project in Ballard? Click here to submit your thoughts.

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