Big Mario’s Pizza to open in Frelard

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Mike McConnell, David Meinert, and  Jason Lajuenesse are bringing bringing Big Mario’s signature New York-style pizza and ’70s Brooklyn-lounge ambience to a new Frelard location next month.

Big Mario’s will take over the late Bourbon & Bones space at 4350 Leary Way NW.

The Frelard location will be the third to open in Seattle after the Capitol Hill and Queen Anne restaurants.

Once moved in, Big Mario’s Frelard will have neighbors including Drunky’s Two Shoes Barbecue, Four B’s, Hale’s Bewery, The Leary Traveler, and Bad Jimmy’s Brewing.

The first Big Mario’s location was opened in 2010 on Capitol Hill by business owners Mike McConnell, Jason Lajeunesse, and David Meinert. In order to ensure they had the best pizza and vibe, they enlisted the help of long time friend, and now Capitol Hill icon, “Big Mario” Vellotti.

Vellotti came to Americ from Naples in 1964 and began his career tossing pizza and cooking in some of New York’s most notorious kitchens, including Angelo’s, Casa Bella on Mulberry Street, and Nanni Al Valletto on 59th Street.

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