Nearby News: Greenwood Library to close for second phase of construction

The Greenwood Branch (8016 Greenwood Ave N) will temporarily close beginning Monday, June 26, for its second phase of construction work to install a custom made exterior glass wall. The book drop will remain open; the garage will be closed.

The branch is expected to reopen in about two weeks. Because the branch will be closed for such a short time, holds will be temporarily suspended during the closure period. Patrons do not need to take any action – holds will be automatically restarted once the branch is open.

The 12-year-old branch was closed from February 13 – April 16 for refurbishing and improvements that support the changing ways that patrons are using libraries.

At that time, an indoor-outdoor boulder in the children’s area was removed due to ongoing moisture problems and the exterior wall was temporarily covered with plywood. A permanent glass wall is being fabricated for the area.

Other improvements included adding a laptop bar in the teen area, combining service desks, increasing seating options, adding electrical outlets to tables, upgrades to the meeting room and repositioning the public computers to reduce glare. The worn carpet in the branch also was replaced.

The changes were designed to improve access to technology, make it easier for patrons to interact with one another, and create flexible, open, welcoming spaces throughout the building.

A public celebration will be scheduled for later this summer after all the work is complete.

For more information, call the Library at 206-386-4636 or Ask a Librarian.

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