Call for submissions for Carkeek Park’s annual Heaven & Earth outdoor art exhibit

Carkeek Park will soon be adorned with temporary outdoor artworks for its ninth annual Heaven & Earth exhibit, and the park council is asking for submissions.

The Carkeek Park Advisory Council (CPAC) and Seattle Parks and Recreation is accepting art piece proposals for five different sites in the 190-acre park, which will be on display from August 5 to October 15. The selected artists will be offered an honorarium of $1000 – $500 upon successful installation of the project, and another $500 upon successful de-installation of projects. The deadline to submit a proposal is June 18, and it’s free to apply.


This year’s theme is “Cultivate/d”. From the organizers:

When we cultivate, we invest our time, energy and resources into an existing environment or relationship (even with ourselves) to foster growth. This may mean working the earth or learning a new skill or reaching out to our neighbors to strengthen our communities. We invite artists to demonstrate what they hope for when they cultivate and/or what they realize as a result of cultivating.

There are five distinct sites at Carkeek Park selected for the Cultivate/d exhibition. Some are open field environments while others are discovered through woodsy paths and lend themselves to more intimate viewing. The park attracts diverse communities for family gatherings, educational opportunities, or social events and is set against a backdrop of the Puget Sound. We invite the artist to contemplate the concept of cultivation as it relates to nature, culture, or personal growth.

We encourage site specific work and will work with chosen artists to find a suitable site and/or you may make a case for a specific site and how it is suitable for your specific artwork.

The organizers say that all art pieces should have minimal impact on the park and leave no trace following removal. The winning five pieces will be chosen by a committee working closely with Seattle Parks, CPAC and the curator, ArtSiteLtd, a professional sculpture installation team. Artists are eligible to apply for the Seattle Arts & Culture smART ventures grant to help develop their art pieces.

The chosen sites are detailed on the Heaven & Earth website. To submit a proposal, click here.

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