Throwback Thursday: Ballard’s men of yesteryear

In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, here’s a look back at Ballard’s forefathers.

This photo, titled, “Ballard Scandinavian Halibut Man” was taken by  Josef Scaylea in 1956.

Photographer Carl Henry Moen took this photo of his father, Ole Moen, and brother on the porch of their Ballard home in 1910. His younger sister, Agnes, can be seen looking through the window behind them.

According to MOHAI, “Carl Henry Moen was born in Seattle in 1892 to Norwegian immigrant parents. His family moved several times as he was growing up, but settled in Ballard when he was nine years old. He helped harvest and sell the produce, milk, and poultry his family raised, and also was a messenger for Western Union, dug clams, and worked for Bemis Bag Co. Eventually he left home and began a 30-year career as a sailor, crossing the Pacific Ocean over 200 times .”

Also by Carl Henry Moen, a photo of his father, Ole. According to the calendar on the wall, the photographer snapped this photo of his father reading his newspaper in April 1910.

According to MOHAI, this man ran a refreshment stand at the end of the streetcar line on the northwest corner of 36th Avenue and 64th Street in Ballard. (Also by Carl Henry Moen, 1910)

All photos courtesy of MOHAI

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