Ballard Market remodel should be done by Labor Day

The Ballard Market remodel has an end in sight; director Mike Pederson said it should be complete by Labor Day.

The remodels on the middle of the store and produce section will be done by the 4th of July, Pederson said, and they’ll be aiming to finish the food service section by September.

The new deli area will cater more to customers who want to grab a meal and eat it in the market; they’ll have a waffle bar, a panini and hot sandwich press, a hot entree bar, more hot soup, made-to-order sushi, and even a growler bar. There will be seating for 32, which means it’ll be a bustling spot for lunch in the near future.

“There will be more options for folks to come and grab food to eat right now – that was one of main pushes of the remodel,” Pederson said.

During parts of the food service remodel, some of the ready-to-eat food will be scaled back, but other than that, customers shouldn’t see a big difference.

He said the remodel is going just as planned, despite rumors that it’s been scaled back. He also said that worries about the property selling are unfounded. “If I owned the land, I would certainly be salivating,” Pederson said, but added that he isn’t aware of any redevelopment plans, so there’s nothing to worry about in the near future.

Photo courtesy Ballard Market Facebook page

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