Beasley is missing in Ballard

Beasley the cat is missing in the Sunset Hill area. She was last seen on the 4th of July near 35th Ave NW and NW 67th St. She’s an adult siamese cat and is wearing a purple collar.

“If you live in the Sunset Hill neighborhood, please give a little shout out your backdoor and or if there are any places where a cat might hide or get trapped please check,” her owners write on the Facebook page they set up to help find her.

Summer is a common time for pets to go missing; My Ballard has received three lost cat notifications in just the last week.

The Seattle Humane Society has some helpful tips for helping find lost pets.

When looking for your dog, bring along a leash and treats. Some dogs, especially the herding breeds such as Border Collies or Australian Cattle Dogs, are likely to run a circular perimeter of the neighborhood. Most dogs will not run hard in a straight line away from your home unless they are sight hounds, lured by something they see in the distance. Concentrate on a five- or six-square-block area.

When looking for your cat, bring along a cat carrier. A frightened pet may hide or get locked in a neighbor’s yard or garage, so listen for revealing sounds.

When you see your dog or cat, avoid the urge to chase him. You do not want to inadvertently send him into the street and harm’s way. The animal may not be as frightened as you and may be viewing it as a grand adventure. Many dogs enjoy the game of chase, and you probably can’t outrun a dog or a cat. Offer your pet a special treat or, for dogs, open the car door and offer to take him for a ride.

If you haven’t located your pet after an hour or two of searching, the Humane Society recommends you call the shelters and vets in the area and give them a complete description of your missing pet, including a photo and information about where the animal was last seen. They advise putting up posters in your neighborhood and checking door-to-door, and within 24 hours, visiting all the local public shelters to look for your pet.

For a full list of lost pet tips from the Humane Society, click here.

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