Throwback Thursday: dog days of summer in Ballard

With summer in full swing, we look back at what the warmer months looked like 100 years ago.

Carl Henry Moen in a barrel on a beach in Salmon Bay, circa 1910. According to MOHAI, “Carl Henry Moen was born in Seattle in 1892 to Norwegian immigrant parents. His family moved several times as he was growing up, but settled in Ballard when he was nine years old. He helped harvest and sell the produce, milk, and poultry his family raised, and also was a messenger for Western Union, dug clams, and worked for Bemis Bag Co. Eventually he left home and began a 30-year career as a sailor, crossing the Pacific Ocean over 200 times .”

Group listening to wax cylinder recordings on Ballard Beach, Seattle, ca. 1913. The group is shown on the beach listening to a machine playing wax cylinder recordings. Ed Moen is the boy at center; Jake Jacobson is also in the photo.

Glen Bigelow and Ed Moen on camping trip, ca. 1910. The Moen brothers often went camping just north of Ballard, in what was then undeveloped land.

All photos courtesy MOHAI


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