Avoid ‘Secret Beach’ at Ballard Elks until Wednesday

All day Tuesday, August 15, the waterfront commonly known as “Secret Beach” next to the Ballard Elks Lodge (6411 Seaview Ave NW) should be avoided while a specialist works to remove the invasive species knotweed from the beach. They ask that people stay away for 24 hours, until Wednesday morning.

Dan Strauss from Ballard Elks says the knotweed is being removed by a specialist hired by the Ballard Elks, and paid for through a fundraiser hosted by the Ballard Elks Paddling Club. The weed can be seen growing on either sides of the stairs, Strauss says.

Knotweed, according to King County’s invasive species website,  can completely clog small waterways and displace streamside vegetation, increasing bank erosion and lowering the quality of riparian habitat for fish and wildlife.

Strauss asks visitors keep animals, children and themselves out of the posted “Do Not Disturb” areas until the signage is removed.

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