Late night car crash damages Choice Deli storefront

An accident on the corner of 8th and NW 65th late last night has caused exterior damages to Choice Deli. During the motor vehicle incident, an SUV crashed, ending up on the corner market’s doorstep a little after 2 a.m., August 22nd.

Despite damages, Choice Deli says they will continue operating normal business hours today.

An employee at Choice Deli, asking to remain nameless, described the state of her shop to MyBallard: “The inside of the shop is okay; the car did break through our doors and bottom window. It took out a side piece pillar in the entryway.”

The employee says her business has not received the full police report of the incident yet. She tells us that her coworkers observed passengers of last night’s accident appearing visibly disorientated.

“They likely had injuries; none of our store employees were hurt,” says the Choice Deli employee.

Footage of the event was made public earlier this morning by nearby resident Jason Tice‎, who said he arrived to the scene shortly after the accident. View here.


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