Street crossing improvements made near Ballard High and 85th

City Traffic Engineer Dongho Chang has been helping to implement street improvements near schools and other dodgy pedestrian throughways. Recently, noticeable new paint jobs and additions were given to roads outside of Ballard High School and along 85th St.

The first project included street crossing improvements with flashers, paint, and posts on 65th and 14th on the edge of Ballard High School.

“Engineering improvements at key locations like this provide options for easier transit, walking, and biking, especially near schools,” writes Chang.

More school crossing enhancements were made with flashers and a median island on 8th and NW 75th. (third pictured)

Furthest north, new speed humps, cushions, and an improved layout were facilitated with the intent that it would help bicyclists to safely cross 85th St. along the school access route on 1st Ave NW.


photos provided by Dongho Chang


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